Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Nash - 2 Years Old

My little curly haired boy. 

I always thought that Nash was such a mama's boy. However, he has been showing some serious admiration for Spencer lately. 

His voice is the sweetest. Often times he says something while in the other room, and for a second, I think it's Eleanor. Their voices are so similar.

Looooooves cars and trucks. 

Still loves to be outside. I always know when it's time to take him out to play, because he just gets so bored when he's inside for too long. He could stay outside playing forever. 

Loves riding his tricycle. 

He's got a pretty good throwing arm. 

The second he is naked, he is taking off throughout the house. Freeeeedom!

When he gets mad and throws a fit, he, straightens his arms down to the floor, pushes his belly out, and yells. He actually has quite a bit of anger in him - hoping it's not too big of a problem in the future. He also starts picking things up just to throw when he's mad. And hitting things. We're working on it.

He gives unsolicited kisses, revealing the true sweetheart that he is.

If you can catch him off guard by scaring/startling him, you will get some of his best laughs. 

Is quite good at jumping, and is getting braver with what he jumps off of - so far it's been chairs and couches.

He does this adorable little hip twisting walk as he swings his arms to the side.

It's nearly impossible to catch him looking at the camera. He is far too enthralled in his own little world to get his picture taken. 

He loves watching videos and looking at pictures of people he knows.

When asked to smile, he scrunches up his nose, and gives a giant open-mouthed smile.

One of my very favorite things that he does is lie down on the floor, on his belly(as if he were going to sleep), and roll his car back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. I stare and watch him every time.

He plays really well with other kids. He's quite friendly and is always sharing his toys with friends. 

Once we get on the road, he is in heaven. He gets to see cars, motorcycles, taxis, trucks, trains, and bikes all in a matter of minutes of driving through our streets. 

Lately he has been talking up a storm. His favorite things to talk about are "blue trucks", and "yellow bus", and things of the sort.

Anytime he tries something he thinks is cool(like jumping off something or blowing bubbles), he says, "WATCH! WATCH!" until I acknowledge him and tell him I'm watching. He picked this up from Eleanor saying it to me all the time.

When I try to tell him to say "I love you", this is how it goes:

Me: say I
Nash: I
Me: Love
Nash: You
Me: No, say love
Nash: You
Nash: You
Me: You
Nash: (silence)

And now, in no particular order, are a million photos of Nash from his second year of life.

Monday, April 20, 2015

All About Nash - 1 Year Old

Triplet A vigorous upon delivery with spontaneous cry. Brought to warmer, dried, stimulated. Bulb suction applied to mouth/nares. HR>100, RR 50's. Cord clamped and trimmed by Father. Baby banded, wrapped, and shown to mother prior to transport to NICU in isolate. O2 sat 100%, HR 140s prior to transport.

APGAR Scores
1 Minute: HR:2  Resp:2  Tone:2  Reflex: 2  Color:0  Total:8
5 minutes: HR:2  Resp:2  Tone:2  Reflex:2  Color:2  Total:9

Nashy Nash!! Eleanor calls him Nashy, and I love it.

Nash stole my heart the first time I saw him. He was so aware of me, and still is to this day. If I am in the room, he is watching me. I catch him looking at me all the time. My heart melts every time. It feels so good to feel so unconditionally loved by him.

He was the chillest little newborn. There were MANY occasions where I thought or said out loud, "Thank goodness for Nash!". He was always the calm in the storm. 

It seems like most people are drawn to him. Especially kids. In my opinion, he has a young spirit. I always felt Eleanor had an old soul. Well, Nash, he's just a baby soul. In the cutest way possible.

He likes to be happy. Even when he is miserable and crying, I can get him to smile or laugh. It wasn't until I had and got to know Nash that I understood why people loved the baby phase so much. He was the kind of baby that made other people want babies. 

He rolled over the first week he was home from the hospital. Which means he was 3 weeks old. Which means he really wasn't even supposed to be born yet(36 weeks gestation). It wasn't even a fluke. I think he rolled over like 4 times that first week. 

He never tolerated formula well. He would puke it all up. And then get super constipated. That got old, so he got almost all breast milk for a pretty long time.

He loved to nurse. I was the saddest about weaning him, because he loved it so much. Oh, and I just loved the way he would look up at me while nursing. 

Nash had hair when he was born, but after it fell out after about 3 months, it hasn't really grown back. He's so cute without hair, I can't really picture him WITH hair. 

Dimples! He has dimples!

His eyes looked pretty blue for a while. They slowly started changing, but I'm still not sure what color they are. I think they'll be brown, but they are still a grey/brown/blue/hazelish color. Yeah, I don't know. And most girls would kill for his long, curly eyelashes.

He had the hardest time when we started sleep training. First of all, when I went to just put his pacifier back in, he would quickly grab my finger and grip so hard that I had to pry his fingers off. He was so quick! He just loved having that reassurance. 

Started sitting up unassisted at 6 months. Scooting at 7 months. Crawling at 8 months. Pulling up to stand sometime after that. Walks along the furniture at 10 months. How am I supposed to remember all these milestones?! 

His back is super ticklish. 

He is strong, and doesn't realize it(duh, he's a baby!). His body is pretty solid.

Toy rattles were made for this kid! He loves anything that makes noise. You will hardly ever find him without something in his hand as he makes his way around the house, banging the toy against the ground with every move. 

The shortest distance from point A to point B is a straight line, and that's how he lives his life. He will plow through anything to get to where he wants to go.

He went through a woody woodpecker laughing phase.

He 'barks' back at the dog.

He loves to give kisses. Especially to his siblings. 

My guess is that he'll love to entertain people. Just like his dad.

When he first started eating table foods, he would concentrate so hard on getting his two fingers directly on the food to pick it up(pincer grasp in full effect). As opposed to the other two babies who would grab with their whole hand and shove in their mouths.

Pretty sure he'll be a snorer and drooler for life.

He loves bath time. He's gone under water a few times and was totally unfazed.

We always know when bath time is over for him because his chin starts to quiver and lips turn blue. He gets cold so easily.

He is so determined. When he gets his mind on something, he will not stop until he gets it. My dad was emptying the dishwasher. He obviously wanted to play in it. I picked him up and took him to the hallway to let him crawl around and play. He immediately turned around and made his way back to the kitchen. This happened 3 times in a row. 

He was first to figure out how to knock down and climb up the gate guarding the stairs. 

When he gets in to things, he's pretty quiet about it. I will come in to a room where he's been, and every cabinet will be open and every single thing pulled out. 

He says "mama", "baba", "papa", "dada", and signs "more".

This kid loves being outside. He belongs outside. Almost the entire first year of his life was spent inside, away from germs and cold weather. He often goes to the window to just stare out. Whenever we've gone outside to take pictures, we literally can't get him to look at the camera because he is too busy taking in his new surroundings. Or playing with leaves. He is captivated when he's outside.

If I could, I would snuggle him night and day. There is something about him - he just feels right when in my arms.