Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Nash - 2 Years Old

My little curly haired boy. 

I always thought that Nash was such a mama's boy. However, he has been showing some serious admiration for Spencer lately. 

His voice is the sweetest. Often times he says something while in the other room, and for a second, I think it's Eleanor. Their voices are so similar.

Looooooves cars and trucks. 

Still loves to be outside. I always know when it's time to take him out to play, because he just gets so bored when he's inside for too long. He could stay outside playing forever. 

Loves riding his tricycle. 

He's got a pretty good throwing arm. 

The second he is naked, he is taking off throughout the house. Freeeeedom!

When he gets mad and throws a fit, he, straightens his arms down to the floor, pushes his belly out, and yells. He actually has quite a bit of anger in him - hoping it's not too big of a problem in the future. He also starts picking things up just to throw when he's mad. And hitting things. We're working on it.

He gives unsolicited kisses, revealing the true sweetheart that he is.

If you can catch him off guard by scaring/startling him, you will get some of his best laughs. 

Is quite good at jumping, and is getting braver with what he jumps off of - so far it's been chairs and couches.

He does this adorable little hip twisting walk as he swings his arms to the side.

It's nearly impossible to catch him looking at the camera. He is far too enthralled in his own little world to get his picture taken. 

He loves watching videos and looking at pictures of people he knows.

When asked to smile, he scrunches up his nose, and gives a giant open-mouthed smile.

One of my very favorite things that he does is lie down on the floor, on his belly(as if he were going to sleep), and roll his car back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. I stare and watch him every time.

He plays really well with other kids. He's quite friendly and is always sharing his toys with friends. 

Once we get on the road, he is in heaven. He gets to see cars, motorcycles, taxis, trucks, trains, and bikes all in a matter of minutes of driving through our streets. 

Lately he has been talking up a storm. His favorite things to talk about are "blue trucks", and "yellow bus", and things of the sort.

Anytime he tries something he thinks is cool(like jumping off something or blowing bubbles), he says, "WATCH! WATCH!" until I acknowledge him and tell him I'm watching. He picked this up from Eleanor saying it to me all the time.

When I try to tell him to say "I love you", this is how it goes:

Me: say I
Nash: I
Me: Love
Nash: You
Me: No, say love
Nash: You
Nash: You
Me: You
Nash: (silence)

And now, in no particular order, are a million photos of Nash from his second year of life.

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