Saturday, February 01, 2014

Let's Not Forget About This Little Baby

Is a 2 year old still considered a baby? She's still a baby to me...but maybe that will change once the other babies come.

Eleanor is so great. I love getting to spend all my days with her. She is growing and changing so fast. I am loving every second I have with giving her all my attention.

She loves to sing. She sings all day long. Her favorites are Frozen's "Let it Go" and the ABC's. My favorite part of the ABC's is the 'LMNOP' where she just wiggles her tongue around before getting to P.

She knows all the signs for all the letters, and practices them on her own all the time. This was all her - I never encouraged her to practice them. She just loves those letters.

As you can see from the pictures, she loves makeup time. She stole my eyebrow kit and ran to the living room, then put it on as lipstick.

She really is so sweet. I know I say that a lot, but here's an example. One morning, I was putting my shirt on, and I popped my head through the head hole as a 'peek a boo' type thing. She looked at me, smiled, then helped to pull my shirt all the way down, then said "theya go mama". Then soon after I started coughing, and she looked at me concerned, started patting me on the back and said "otay mama?".

She doesn't really like going to nursery at church anymore, but she tries so hard to be brave. She knows me or Spencer will have to leave, and so she will cry a little, ask for a hug and a kiss, walk away a little, come back for another hug and kiss, etc. One time she literally came back for about 10 hugs and kisses, and then bravely walked away from me.

She got pink eye for the first time. Aren't those pictures so sad? Her poor eye was so swollen! The first picture she is smiling because she was happy she got a 'yucky' from her eye.

Speaking of yucky, I decided that since I'll be staying home so much these days, I might as well try potty training again. It's going great so far. I'll be so happy if I don't have 4 kids in diapers!

Usual conversation:

Eleanor: "Outside?"
Me: "You want to go outside?"
Eleanor: "Yes, mmhmm, do, OTAAY!!!"

Her favorite food is pizza. She asks for it all the time. She ate an entire slice of Costco pizza the other day. And if you know Costco pizza, you know how impressive that is.

She is starting to mimic people - whether it's kids at the playground, or the way Spencer sits on the couch. It's so fun to see her observe others the way she does. She went down the slide head first for the first time after watching a little boy do it. It was a big deal for a girl as timid as she is on the playground.

I reminded Spencer the other day that almost everything she does - whether it's good or bad - is just a phase. It's good to be reminded of that for the hard/annoying things, but it's also sad to know that some of the adorable things won't last forever.

So far, I've gotta say, I'm a big fan of 2.

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Maureen Chatham said...

Aw so cute. She will always be your baby!